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Microneedling is an innovative cosmetic procedure designed to help improve the look and feel of the skin. By creating tiny, microscopic injuries to the skin’s surface at controlled depths, it stimulates healing properties and helps to generate new collagen production. After topical numbing is used, this is a quick process with minimal discomfort and can reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, enlarged pores,and improve skin tone and texture.


Microneedling can be coupled with your body’s platelet rich plasma post-procedure for faster healing and an improved glow. This process is better known as the “vampire facial”. We also offer a treatment boost with infrared light therapy to accelerate the healing process, which provides an even better result. A minimum of 3-6 treatments should be spaced four to five weeks apart for optimal results.

$350 / Treatment or
$950 / Package of 3

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