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Lutronic Genius

Our Genius® microneedling is an intelligent, innovative energy-based device that delivers radio frequency to precise depths of the skin utilizing proprietary technology. At the same time, a gold-plated needle tip is used to create tiny injuries to the tissue stimulating collagen and elastin production. Pinpoint coagulation zones are achieved through real-time impedance monitoring. This process helps to tighten the skin, improve tone, texture, elasticity, soften wrinkles and improve pores, acne scarring and more. A series of treatments spaced four to five weeks apart is typically recommended to achieve the best results.

Is this treatment uncomfortable?

While pain tolerance is subjective, most patients tolerate the treatment well after the use of topical numbing cream. For those who may be more sensitive to the treatment, we offer additional services to help ease any discomfort.


What does recovery look like? 

Recovery varies depending on the type of treatment and energy used, as well as individual patient factors. On average, you'll experience skin redness or pinkness the first one to two days and sometimes tiny marks that typically disappear in 24-48 hours. It is recommended to avoid applying makeup for the first 24-48 hours after the procedure, stay out of the sun and avoiding working out for 48 hours.

How much does a Genius treatment cost?

Single treatments start at $1200 for the face and neck. We offer a package of three for $3000.  We recommend scheduling a consultation to determine actual cost based on your individual skin needs. For other areas, we advise scheduling a consultation to determine candidacy, number of recommend treatments and pricing. 


We offer additional package savings when combining the Genius with the LaseMD Ultra. The combination of these two devices provide a total skin solution by addressing the deeper and superficial layers of the skin. Contact us for additional information and pricing. 

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